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Have you ever had one of those days where you needed to run around town for hours? The last task on your to-do list is to go to the pharmacy to pick up your prescription and then you can finally go home. You get to the pharmacy and there’s a line out the door. You wait in that line for what seems like hours because you really need that medication. Finally, you reach the counter. A bored-looking associate mumbles a greeting and takes your request for a refill. They then inform you it will be at least another 25-minute wait. You sigh and try to think of a way to spend that time waiting for your order. Sound familiar? Well, thankfully, that’s not what happens here. 

Parkway Pharmacy is a local independent business, owned by your neighbor. We give you support that is personalized for only you. Our prescription fulfillment time is quick, and we offer free same-day delivery around the Cambridge area to save you time. Let us be your partner and guide you to a healthier life. 

About Us




 We make the transfer and fulfillment of prescriptions as easy as possible for you.



Get your prescriptions delivered to you within 1-2 business days free of charge in the 
Cambridge area.

Virtual Appointments


Book a virtual appointment that is convenient for you and so you can remain safely social distanced. 

Free Consultations 


Whether you need advice on your health or want to learn how to use your medical device, book a free consultation with a specialist today.  

Diabetes Management


It can take some time to get used to monitoring diabetes. Our pharmacists can work with patients to develop a management plan and provide instruction on the effective use of blood glucose meters. 

Medication Organizer Packaging


When you need to take multiple daily medications, finding the right ones can be frustrating. Contact us for your medication organizer today.

Our Services

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Our Dentists


Wonderful experiences! I would highly recommend. The pharmacist is very generous and friendly. I’m so happy to have her in our neighbourhood.

Nikki D

A super helpful and communicative pharmacy! The free (within a reasonable distance) delivery has been such a massive help, especially during COVID.

Jackie Mlotek

Very nice pharmacist. She helped me find an alternative medicine which was covered in my international insurance. She also gave me a big discount on my medicine. Please do visit. Recommended

Vanshdeep Singh


Success Stories
Our Address

Parkway Pharmacy, 201 Preston Pkwy Unit c, Cambridge, ON N3H 5E8

Tel: (519) 650 - 5600

Fax: (519) 650 -9300

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 10 AM – 5:30 PM

Saturday     11 AM – 2 PM

   Sunday        11 AM - 12 PM



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